[pmwiki-users] PhpWiki to PmWiki migration + MoinMoinWiki?

Bernard Bel bernarbel at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 12:39:03 CST 2010

>Bernard Bel (2010-01-16 11:25):
>>I almost completed a powerful PhpWiki to PmWki converter with many options for renaming pages and reorginizing the site. Notably it replaces redirection plugin pages with AutoLinks and creates group headers, footers and sidebars as instructed.
> >
>>For a short while you can see the old and new versions of a 500-page site that is converted by a single PHP procedure call.
> >
>> Here is the old one :
>>  http://wiki.naissance.asso.fr/index.php/PageAccueil
>> and the new one :
>>  http://crdo.fr/cianewiki/CianeWiki/PageAccueil
>> I still need to convert 2 out of the 3 table formats. :-/
>> Once completed I suggest to publish the code on PmWiki.org.
>I have also created a PhpWiki to PmWiki converter in Spring 2009. I don't
>think that it was powerful, but it worked pretty well for my specific case
>(the wiki I converted had 900 pages). I was too lazy to publish it then.
>My script managed to convert OldStyle and DefinitionStyle tables, but
>I believe that the conversion had some quirks. I have commented and
>attached the script (hope it goes through), in case you are interested.
>I haven't seen many requests for such a script in the community, but
>PhpWiki has been mentioned a few times. I guess a cookbook recipe able to
>convert most of PhpWiki's markup would be a very good addition and deem
>useful for a few newcomers, searching through pmwiki.org for this
>specific use case.
>--  Rogut?s Sparnuotos

Thanks! This is a nice piece of work. I confess that compared with yours my code looks like Fortran IV compared with Lisp ;-) My hair became gray and I learned a lot browsing through your listing...

Since I implemented a few extra features it would be nice merging the two. If we publish our code "as is", hopefully the next programmer needing to migrate hundreds of pages will design a cookbook recipe. I'll post a message on the PhpWiki forum that is only visited by desperate wikimasters since PhpWiki is no longer maintained.

In the immediate I need to adapt my code to migrating from MoinMoinWiki... unless someone on this list already has a solution on the shelve? I only found the opposite conversion on the web.

Bernard Bel

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