[pmwiki-users] lists of languages

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Dec 27 18:40:55 CST 2010

On Monday 27 December 2010 16:03:05, Peter Bowers wrote :
> (1) I note a list of translated languages in PmWiki/OtherLanguages -- this
> is used as a footer in PmWiki/PmWiki (the main homepage).

The PmWiki/ group is in Latin-1 encoding, but a number of PmWikiXx/ languages 
are in UTF-8 or other encodings, and it is not easy to embed page text 
variables like the "language name" from the other groups. So we write them in 
that page, in html-entities. Until we switch all groups to UTF-8, I don't see 
a way to do it, a way that would be easier and simpler than now (your example 
"2" embeds PTVs, it is just not easier or simpler).

I think this page (or another, if we move the list) should be editable by 
newcomers, so someone could link and start a new translation without needing 
us to do something.

> (2) I note a list of translated languages obtained by pagelist in
> PmWiki/Internationalizations (anything with name=PmWiki* and $:Language=-)

This pagelist doesn't need updating, it is automatic, although it could be 
optimized: it would be faster to find the groups with name=*.XLPage instead of 
scanning all pages in all PmWiki* groups for a PageTextVariable.

> (3) I note a list of translated languages in the footer of all pages in the
> PmWiki group, coming from Site.I18nFooter (in one of 2 complete lists
> contained within this page, separated by a conditional).

Site.I18nFooter is included in every documentation page in every language. A 
predefined list of pages is much faster than a dynamic pagelist. In the past 
it was a pagelist, but because pmwiki.org felt slow, and because languages 
were not added or removed very often, we changed it to the current fixed list.

I prefer that more advanced users edit this page, as it appears on most pages 
on pmwiki.org.

> Wouldn't it be better to use the same source in all cases?  Or at least for
> the 1st and 3rd cases?  Or at least have all lists on the same page? 
> Having 4 different sources seems pretty redundant and prone to error...  

Yes, we should be able to improve it - we could use the same trail. I'll think 
about it.


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