[pmwiki-users] lists of languages

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Mon Dec 27 09:03:05 CST 2010

(1) I note a list of translated languages in PmWiki/OtherLanguages -- this
is used as a footer in PmWiki/PmWiki (the main homepage).

(2) I note a list of translated languages obtained by pagelist in
PmWiki/Internationalizations (anything with name=PmWiki* and $:Language=-)

(3) I note a list of translated languages in the footer of all pages in the
PmWiki group, coming from Site.I18nFooter (in one of 2 complete lists
contained within this page, separated by a conditional).

Wouldn't it be better to use the same source in all cases?  Or at least for
the 1st and 3rd cases?  Or at least have all lists on the same page?  Having
4 different sources seems pretty redundant and prone to error...  I notice,
for instance, that Korean exists in OtherLanguages but not in the pagelist
in Internationalizations nor in Site.I18nFooter.  It has a PmWikiKr.PmWikiKr
page but no XLPage...

(The specific issue of the Korean page should be treated as separate from
but indicative of the issue of redundant lists of languages.)

I could make the change myself, but I hesitate because there may be
historical reasons for keeping the various lists separate like this...

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