[pmwiki-users] IMS Basic LTI?

Joel Fisler pmwiki at fisler.ch
Fri Dec 17 07:30:31 CST 2010

Dear PMWiki-Users,
I am from the University of Zurich and we have PmWiki running here. Since the latest release our open source learning management system (LMS) OLAT - see http://www.olat.org - supports the new IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard which allows you to connect your LMS to other tools if they offer LTI-support. I know that e.g. MediaWiki has a BasicLTI functionality but that doesnt help in our case since we work with PMWiki :-) 

So my question: Is anyone in the PmWiki community working on an IMS BasicLTI implementation?

Here's the link to the official IMS Basic LTI Website:

All major LMS today support LTI, here's a blog post from the LTI-founder Chuck Severance:

For us a seamless integration of PmWiki into our LMS would be great of course. And looking into the future I guess LTI is a good way to go... 

Greetings from Zurich

Joël Fisler 
University of Zurich
Multimedia & E-Learning Services (MELS)
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 63 55252 or "joelfisler" (Skype)
Mail: joel.fisler at id.uzh.ch
Web: http://www.olat.orghttp://www.elml.org 



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