[pmwiki-users] PageLogoURL as Link

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Dec 4 15:58:04 CST 2010

On 12/4/2010 4:12 PM, George Laverick wrote:
>>> The image defined by $PageLogoURL is also a link. By default, it
>>> points to the home page of the wiki. I would like it to point to a
>>> URL that is outside of the wiki, but I have been unable to find
>>> where that is defined.

> I found the Site.Pageheader page and it contained a string that looked
> like this:
> [[{$ScriptUrl}|{$PageLogoUrl}]]
> I went into config.php and defined a variable $MotherUrl (also tried
> defining it in pmwiki.php) and changing the above string to:
> [[{$MotherUrl}|{$PageLogoUrl}]]
In order to make a variable available to a PmWiki page you need to use 
$FmtPV (ref http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/PageVariables#custompv).

Notice the variable needs to be a PHP expression, and so in this case is 
a quoted string inside a double quoted string:
   $FmtPV['$MotherUrl'] = "'MY_URL'";

Also, always add your own settings to config.php, don't change pmwiki.php.

  ~ ~ Dave

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