[pmwiki-users] Any way of getting the good PmWiki docs from pmwiki.org?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Mar 23 11:51:22 CDT 2009

Petko Yotov wrote:
> I'm in the process of reviewing, cleaning and fixing all pages in the PmWiki.* 
> group, and they will be updated in the next PmWiki 2.2.x versions.

Hi Petko

Any chance if you are scrubbing the docs you could have  quick cleanup 
of any links like [[WikiTrails]] and change them to [[Wiki Trails]] 
please?  (Example from the documentation index page distributed with 
pmwiki 2.2.0)

The defaults seem to be NOT to have spacewikiwords enabled so this will 
look much nicer.  Additionally I have now bitten the bullet and gone 
down the path of URLs with hyphens in them and it's annoying to have the 
documentation break because links still have no spaces

Perhaps Patrick could tweak the wiki in some way which would make it 
easier to spot links which need updating?


Ed W

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