[pmwiki-users] Howto add PTVs and Categories trough Site.EditForm

Audun Myhra Bergwitz bergwitz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 19:34:54 CST 2009

We're using pmwiki mainly as a CMS, and more and more as an
event-calendar. The event-calendar relies on both categories and PTVs,
and this requires rather advanced markup, which many of the users are
unfamiliar with.

So I'd like to have a special form for events, which makes it easy to
add the categories and PTVs. I'm starting get rather familiar with
PmWiki but have no experience with forms so far.

The values added trough a from should be:
- Title
- PTVs: EventStartDate, EventEndDate, EventStartTime and EventEndTime
preferably by using dropdowns.
- Some Categories added with checkboxs
- as well as an open line for other Categories (as tags)
- social software site links for the event (Facebook and another closed
Norwegian one).

How to go about creating this? I've noticed that the EditMore recipes
covers tags and Title, but not the others. Are there any recipes that
would allow me to this, or do we have to write our own? Can you do this
with wikiforms for instance?

Also I'd like to have the option of choosing which editform I shall use
to edit the page, either regular without event-specific markup, or the
ones for event.
I think the best option would be a link on the editform-page to switch
type of form. As I understand conditionals are the way choose which
editform-page to use, but which conditions can be changed by clicking a
link while editing the same page.

any help or suggestions is appreciated.


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