[pmwiki-users] repost: problem with PTV and if= date in pagelists

none < bergwitz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 19:45:21 CST 2009

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> You might try:
> (:pagelist if='date ..{=$:Time}':)
> I have no idea if that actually works, but it's what it probably 
> ought to be.

Peter Bowers wrote:
> ===(snip)=== nowyyyymmdd:{(ftime %Y%m%d)} (:pagelist if="date
> {*$:nowyyyymmdd}.. {=$:Timestamp}" :)
> (:pagelist if="date {(ftime %Y%m%d)}.. {=$:Timestamp}" :) 
> ===(snip)===
> I was wrong (again) about needing the {earlymx(...)} -- must have had
> some other typo that was preventing it from working before because
> now it works fine with the straightforward MX.

Thanks for your help, but I'm no further. I tried all of the above
suggestions, but all I get is a full list of all pages on our wiki.
(:pagelist if="! date {(ftime %Y%m%d)}.. {=$:Timestamp}" :)
seems to work as it should. It gives a list of all pages with the PTV
set, but with either a date before the current date or some other value.
  But I can't get a list of pages with a date later than the current date?
That's weird!! Is this a bug maybe?

If the code worked on Peter Bowers wiki, why won't it work on ours. Can
somebody else test to see if it's work. Maybe there's something wrong
with our setup somehow?


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