[pmwiki-users] repost: problem with PTV and if= date in pagelists

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Jan 27 13:15:54 CST 2009

> I made this pagelist:
> (:pagelist if="date {$:Time}":)

Sorry about all the traffic - this gives a working solution so I'll be quiet
after this... :-)

Either of these work...

nowyyyymmdd:{(ftime %Y%m%d)}
(:pagelist if="date {*$:nowyyyymmdd}.. {=$:Timestamp}" :)

(:pagelist if="date {(ftime %Y%m%d)}.. {=$:Timestamp}" :)

I was wrong (again) about needing the {earlymx(...)} -- must have had some
other typo that was preventing it from working before because now it works
fine with the straightforward MX.


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