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First be sure WikiWords are not enabled in your config

Hope this helps.

2009/1/27 David Shrader <dshrader at wisc.edu>

> Hello All,
> We are using pmwiki for our graduate research group, and it has been
> wonderful!  It was the easiest to install on the convoluted and non-user
> friendly departmental webservers.
> I've run into a bit of an annoying syntax quirk, though.  Pmwiki seems
> to try to automatically create new pages based on text on a line that
> has no double square brackets.  For example, if I type in a molecular
> composition, like NaCl, SiC, or ZnO, pmwiki interprets those as new
> pages, even though I do not surround the text with [[]].  In the preview
> and saved states, each of these will be in red, have spaces before the
> capitals (NaCl becomes Na Cl), and can be clicked on.  When clicked, I
> am taken to a new page to edit.
> I used the sandbox on pmwiki.org to see if this happens there, and found
> that it doesn't.  Was something done there to turn this behaviour off?
> Or, should we update our version of pmwiki since we haven't changed it
> in about a year?
> Thanks so much for your time!
> David
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