[pmwiki-users] add element to a MakePageList Array

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Fri Jan 23 05:12:00 CST 2009

hi list
Anyone know how to add an element to an array which I made with the 
MakePageList function?
A simple:
     $ptcontent[] = 'SiteStructure';|
seams not to work|, I get an empty element.

thanks for any hints

function PTConfigArr($prefix) {
  global $FmtPV;
  $opt_ptcontent = array(
    "group" => "PagetypeConfig",
    "$:pagetypetype" => "Content",
  $opt_ptrelated = array(
    "group" => "PagetypeConfig",
    "$:pagetypetype" => "Related",
  $ptcontent = MakePageList($pagename, $opt_ptcontent, 0);
  $ptcontent[] = 'SiteStructure';                                       

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