[pmwiki-users] Testing and quality control (Was: Pre-announcing 2.2.0 non-beta release)

Nigel Thomas nigel.thomas at preferisco.com
Fri Jan 23 03:09:46 CST 2009

PM wrote:
The biggest problem with this approach is that "diff" is much
too coarsely grained to help us locate problems.  For example, if
we simply change a skin feature, HTML header, or even just the amount
of whitespace that occurs in certain elements, then the above would
report that every test has failed because it's no longer _exactly_
the same as our standards in html.d/ .  In other words, the "failures"
it reports aren't really failures in PmWiki; each of the pages are
still semantically correct -- they're still rendered properly in
a browser -- but the diff command falsely reports them as having

Given that wget produces an HTML file - and particularly if it is an XHTML
file - it is worth saying that it is possible to be more subtle.

Of course we can use diff options that ignore whitespace. We can also
pretty-format the HTML and then diff that canonical form (which ignores
changes in cosmetic line breaks in the original HTML).  More usefully, we
can choose to extract only specific sub-trees, elements and/or attributes of
interest from new and reference HTML files (for example, using a simple XSLT
report), and then compare (only) those features.

Of course, the more thorough this kind of automated testing, the more costly
to set up. But even the simplistic diff is valuable - and the gradual use of
more sophisticated comparisons can significantly reduce the number of false
positives, while proving resilient over time.


Nigel Thomas
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