[pmwiki-users] Self registration

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Jan 22 17:36:25 CST 2009

Henrik Bechmann wrote:
> If it is important to maintain 10,000 user profiles for a PmWiki 
> website, it might be better to go for PHP5 and use the built-in SQLite 
> support... not trivial though, in terms of finding or writing an 
> interface, and integrating the result into PmWiki. No doubt a recipe 
> candidate...
> - Henrik

Another point for different installations needing different solutions.

I'm willing to put up with lower performance in exchange for an easy 
installation and admin interface. If security and reliability are the 
same, I'd vote for ease of programming (and maintaining said program).

A 10,000 user system that can't accept the performance hit would 
hopefully have someone more skillful administering it. (Someone who 
wouldn't be needlessly scared off by the letters "ht".)

Knowing Pm, he'll build it flexible, so he can replace one layer without 
messing up the others. So, I'm not worried.


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