[pmwiki-users] Self registration

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu Jan 22 13:50:54 CST 2009

> if we're going to use SiteAdmin.AuthUser to manage
> additional information then I prefer using keywords instead
> of colons:
>    pmichaud: <encrypted_password> email="pmichaud at pobox.com" fullname="Pm"

Which makes Eemeli's contribution[1] particularly valuable.

> having all of the information on the SiteAdmin.AuthUser page can
> make it very cluttered for an admin to view/modify; putting
> info in profile page (with pagelist commands for displaying
> summary) keeps SiteAdmin.AuthUser itself clean

Yes, but:
a) just like one can write a pagelist to extract data from different
Profile pages, couldn't one with about the same ease put together a
few lines of code to tidy extract (and, why not, handle) data
extracted from SiteAdmin.AuthUser?
b) Let's imagine we have 10000 users: would a (:pagelist:) work in
gathering data from Profiles? Or would it be easier to store 10000
lines in one file? I have no experience, but maybe the second is

> a small mistake in SiteAdmin.AuthUser can suddenly wipe out lots
> of accounts

Same as it is right now, isn't it?
There is no way to setup some redundancy of any kind?

> it's far quicker to grab authentication information from a
> profile page than it is to parse and process the SiteAdmin.AuthUser
> page, especially if there are large numbers of accounts

This also I guessed. Could be a real bottleneck?


[1] http://pmichaud.com/pipermail/pmwiki-users/2009-January/053437.html

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