[pmwiki-users] Self registration

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Jan 22 12:48:10 CST 2009

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 07:06:30PM +0100, Peter Bowers wrote:
> I personally would vote for a colon-delimited
> list of fields -- just as it currently is in AuthUser except more fields
> than just the username and hash.  (Do note, however, that the hashed
> password can contain a colon so it would need to be the final field in the
> list if this approach were used.)

Password fields can contain colons?  I hadn't seen any examples of this.

Beyond that, if we're going to use SiteAdmin.AuthUser to manage
additional information then I prefer using keywords instead
of colons:

    pmichaud: <encrypted_password> email="pmichaud at pobox.com" fullname="Pm"

As mentioned elsewhere, this makes it easy for ParseArgs() to handle.

> Is there an advantage to putting the authentification & user-info type of
> data in the profile page?  I don't think I've seen an argument on that side
> yet although I may have missed it...

(1)  having all of the information on the SiteAdmin.AuthUser page can
     make it very cluttered for an admin to view/modify; putting
     info in profile page (with pagelist commands for displaying
     summary) keeps SiteAdmin.AuthUser itself clean
(2)  a small mistake in SiteAdmin.AuthUser can suddenly wipe out lots
     of accounts
(3)  it's far quicker to grab authentication information from a
     profile page than it is to parse and process the SiteAdmin.AuthUser
     page, especially if there are large numbers of accounts


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