[pmwiki-users] Documentation of Recipes (was: Pre-announcing 2.2.0...)

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Jan 22 09:44:52 CST 2009

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 09:30:43AM -0500, Michael Shanley wrote:
> It seems like using the CategoryGroup steps on the integrity of the 
> wiki a bit, doesn't it? I mean, this presumes that *most* end users 
> should be able to see what recipes and skins are installed on a wiki, 
> which, even given authorization, still pollutes an otherwise untainted 
> space.

This is why I'd like admins to have an easy control that allows them
to specify if the documentation pages are considered visible.
> As it is, there is already a confused mush in the SiteGroup and 
> SiteAdminGroup.  SiteAdmin/ has very little of importance in it, 
> while Site/ has a mush of things that don't really go together. 

SiteAdmin/ is for things that are definitely not user-visible,
such as passwords.  There aren't many things that fall into this

Site/ is for things that are shared across the entire site,
such as edit forms, page not found messages, search pages,
pagelist templates, etc.  These pages must be readable by
non-admins, otherwise non-admins cannot edit, perform searches,

> ...and use the Site group only for those pages
> which by default should be editable... aka, low-level building blocks of the
> site. 

I disagree.  We want pages in Site to be readable by everyone
but not necessarily editable by them.

> After all, we can easily envision countless sites that would allow for
> SideBar editing, and only see situations in which the EditForm or 
> Recipes pages should be hidden.

This is why we have per-page passwords and authorization.

> To consider allowing administration to bleed into the category group... 
> that's madness...

No, it's exactly what categories are intended to do.  If we
provide an easy way for admins to enable/disable site and recipe
documentation, then I think it all just works out.


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