[pmwiki-users] User rating of cookbook recipes

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Jan 21 11:54:08 CST 2009

Oliver Betz wrote:

> BTW: Although I mentioned "Self registration" being a part of
> DokuWiki, I'm not an ardent advocate of it. It _might_ be a barrier
> against vanalism etc. but not very effective. It's a matter of seconds
> to get access with a disposable e-mail address.
> But it's also an annoyance for the honest contributor, and maybe he
> decides not to add some valuable content if he has to register.
> If the user can't protect some more data, e.g. a profile page, I see
> not too much benefit in self registration.

Sounds like we need both methods. Perhaps a self registration module 
with an optional "email moderator and wait" setting.


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