[pmwiki-users] User rating of cookbook recipes

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Jan 21 11:52:01 CST 2009

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> It would be a lot simpler if there _was_ an "average" person using
> PmWiki.  My experience has been that there are actually about fix 
> or six different groups of administrators, each group having their own
> expectations about what they want PmWiki to solve and largely
> unaware of the expectations of the other groups.  So, everyone
> says "we should have one recommended way to do X", but in reality
> what happens is that "X" itself is very different from one person 
> to the next.

If I read that right, you're saying that, although every installation is 
different, they can be grouped into five or six categories (and the 
omni-present "other"). I think defining a discussion of what these 
groups might be would be enlightening. I suspect it will end up as 
groups and sub-groups and mixes, but I also suspect a few well-defined, 
large groups will emerge.

An idea of the groups, and their sizes, may help in deciding how to 
target recipes.


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