[pmwiki-users] Problem with downloading files

Rogutės rogutes at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 19 17:31:31 CST 2009

Fish, Lydia (2009-01-19 15:11):
> I am trying to create a new wiki.  I have downloaded the latest version of PM Wiki from the website unzipped it, and copied it into a folder. When I open the folder the config.php, index.php and phpwiki.php files are displayed as DreamWeaver icons.  When I click on them they attempt to open in DreamWeaver, then show an error message.
> Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I can correct it?  I need to be able to edit those files!

You can edit these files with any text editor. Dreamweaver has one, so you can use it.

Dreamweaver wants to open these files, because you installed it and it
automatically associated with .php (and other) files. If you want to
change it, see here:

Good luck setting up!

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos

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