[pmwiki-users] Any hope for 2.2.0 stable release?

Henrik Bechmann henrik.bechmann at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 15 13:00:37 CST 2009

Yes I agree the code is brilliant. But in my judgment it is not written 
to be maintainable.

The documentation structure has wanted a rationalization for a long 
time, and many people do make excellent improvements. My position is 
that a formal planning and implementation process (coupled with a 
codebase review) would greatly benefit the documentation base.

- Henrik

Jan Erik Moström wrote:
> DaveG <pmwiki at solidgone.com> 09-01-14 23.19
>> I agree, the code is hard to follow, particularly for those new 
>> to PHP, so added clarity would be nice.
> Just want to add my experience here. I don't know much about PHP 
> but I'm pretty impressed about the general code quality as far 
> as I've looked at it. My problem with doing something about 
> PmWiki is the documentation ... in short trying to figure out 
> how to do different things.
> I admit that I haven't spent a huge amount time learning PmWiki 
> but I'm now able to write simpler markup scripts (for my own 
> specialized needs). The problem is that is was difficult to try 
> to figure out how PmWiki works, what calls are available etc.
> I was going to start to add to the wiki (personally I think that 
> a linear structure document for newbies would be better for this 
> purpose) but it's difficult to add stuff when you don't really 
> know how things work. And I assume that people who knows how 
> things work find it more fun writing code than documentation (I 
> would) ... - it's a bit of catch 22 here
>                                  jem


Henrik Bechmann

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