[pmwiki-users] Categorys, PmForms, and .pageindex

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Jan 5 18:25:22 CST 2009

Okay, I managed to restore some older versions of my code, and compare 
the older working version with the newer.

Here's the markup declarations I'm using:
   '(::var:...::)'] = '/(\(:: *(\w[-\w]*) *:(?!\))\s?)(.*?)(::\))/s';
   '<split', '/\(::\w[-\w]*:(?!\)).*?::\)/s', '');

The $PageTextVarPatterns is not too fussy where it goes. However, the 
Markup must not execute prior to the code that's handling the save 
processing of the PmForm. If it does execute then the code producing 
.pageindex will not process tags within the (::...::) markup.

Fyi, .pageindex appears to get generated sometime during the Save process.

  ~ ~ Dave

DaveG wrote:
> I've created a form using PmForms. I've added a set of delimiters 
> (::...::) to the field definition (unfortunately, I'm not somewhere that 
> I can provide the code I'm using), in order to be able to include markup 
> like (:...:) inside a field.
> In one of the fields, the user can enter [[!xxx]] category tags. As far 
> as I can see .pageindex simply doesn't pick up [[!...]] markup inside a 
> field. If I include the category outside of a field definition (at the 
> end of the PmForm data page), the pagelist works fine. However, at one 
> point I did manage to set things up so PmWiki would pick up the category 
> tags within my new (::...::)delimiters, to be displayed with a link-back 
> type pagelist. I think I did this by only declaring the new field 
> delimiters when they were specifically needed. Unfortunately at some 
> point during development, this stopped working, and I now cannot get 
> things to work again.
> So, I think knowing when the .pageindex is generated, or when category 
> tag processing occurs, would help. Primarily though I want to have tags 
> inside field delimiters picked up.
>  ~  ~ Dave
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