[pmwiki-users] Categorys, PmForms, and .pageindex

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Jan 5 12:51:44 CST 2009

I've created a form using PmForms. I've added a set of delimiters
(::...::) to the field definition (unfortunately, I'm not somewhere that I
can provide the code I'm using), in order to be able to include markup like
(:...:) inside a field. 

In one of the fields, the user can enter [[!xxx]] category tags. As far as
I can see .pageindex simply doesn't pick up [[!...]] markup inside a field.
If I include the category outside of a field definition (at the end of the
PmForm data page), the pagelist works fine. However, at one point I did
manage to set things up so PmWiki would pick up the category tags within my
new (::...::)delimiters, to be displayed with a link-back type pagelist. I
think I did this by only declaring the new field delimiters when they were
specifically needed. Unfortunately at some point during development, this
stopped working, and I now cannot get things to work again. 

So, I think knowing when the .pageindex is generated, or when category tag
processing occurs,
would help. Primarily though I want to have tags inside
field delimiters picked up. 

 ~ ~ Dave
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