[pmwiki-users] page actions additional feature request or formtitle expand

david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 2 15:43:20 CST 2009

again, thanks for the suggestions - 
quote: "

So the action function
needs to be a variant on formtitle's MakeFormLink function,
that redirects to the url corresponding to the pagename
with the given title. Essentially, the return MakeLink(...)
when count($n)==1 has to become Redirect(MakePageName(...))"
i did try editing formtitle but am not having much joy with the redirect. the link on the page - [[?test]] is taking the user onto Main.Entries where all the entries are listed. it is filtering out other results and ends up with the sole entry for the server named 'test'. except i would ideally like the link to redirect the user straight to the entry for 'test' rather than have them click through to the entry from Main.Entries.
using your suggestion above i changed formtitle to read - 
if (count($n)==0) return MakeLink($pagename,$newentry,
elseif (count($n)==1) return Redirect($MakePageName,$n[0],$title,$suffix);
but this does not redirect as i would have hoped.
is there something i'm missing here? i'm not using the summary field when editing so perhaps the text from the summary needs to be picked up on RecentChanges??
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