[pmwiki-users] powertools / {(pagelist ...)}

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Fri Jan 2 12:27:58 CST 2009

"Hans" wrote :

> okay, i played with this, to give you an idea:

Hi Hans, thanks for this. I understand how it works now.
It can be reused as a 'generic/demo" template for powertools.

In the meanwhile, I have investigated the alternative MarkupToHTML() path, 
... and it works :

// in my main function, I have added the code below
if ( $returntype == "" ) {
   $page['text'] = MarkupExpression($pagename, $mymarkup); // markup is 
executed with powertools
   } else {
   $page['text'] = MarkupToHTML($pagename, $mymarkup); // regular markup
$page['text'] = strip_tags($page['text']); // optional

// and created a new template in Site.LocalTemplates
{=$Name}	{=$Title}	{=$CreatedBy}

// markup used in my 'client' application
(:pagelist group=People fmt=#createdby $CreatedBy=steph at acme.com)


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