[pmwiki-users] OT: Creating a subdomain without CPanel

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Feb 5 11:53:46 CST 2009

Now that CPanel has lost my trust,...

I'd like to create another subdomain / wiki field so the URL is
www.newdomain.onebit.ca (which maps to www.onebit.ca/newdomain) .

Previously, I'd:
- create the directory
- copy the .htaccess file from a working field
- search and replace the field name in that .htaccess file
- repeat for local/config.php
- use CPanel to create the subdomain name, link it to the new field, and
    tell the world.

I know I've done it successfully before.

After Monday's adventure, though,...

If I use CPanel to do it, will it touch my carefully-crafted (and not 
fully understood) .htaccess files? Or anything else? I'd like to 
double-check all of them.

Is it reasonable to do it without CPanel? What all would I have to do? 
Can I even do it directly? If answer is "CPanel is by far the easiest," 
I don't need tons of details to prove it.

(I've already downloaded a complete system backup. I only make that 
mistake twice a year.)



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