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Christian Frankel frankelorama at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 18:26:44 CDT 2008


New in the community, but looking forward to taking part. I'm a newbee, but
really love messing arround with the 'lego bricks' of pmwiki. I'm not a
programmer, but find it very satisfying to use pmwiki as a highly advanced
and customizable note-taking device.

I have a quesiton on (:pagelist link:). My trouble is that many pages come
up, and I do not understand why.

An example. I have a page in my wiki called category/idea.

On this page I want a list of all other pages in my wiki in which I have
made the [[!idea]] notion in order to be reminded of an idea taken down.
hence I put in :

(:pagelist link:)

This results in a long list of pages, most of them without any [[!idea]]
written in them. An example would be this page:

[+The Micro-Macro Link+] [[ http://lux.selfip.org/txt/1395.txt | 1395]] \\
The Micro-Macro Link+] \\
  [Alexander, 1987 - 1395] \\
[-@@Author:@@-] Alexander, Jeffrey C. Bernhard Giesen Richard Münch Neil J.
Smelser \\
Edited Book, 1987 \\

Does this page have some 'secret code' which does the the same as [[!idea]]

All inputs are appreciated!


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