[pmwiki-users] subpages.php corrupted! (vincent)

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Jul 31 17:50:18 CDT 2008

On Thursday, 31 July 2008 10:16 PM, Simon <nzskiwi at gmail.com> wrote:
>I;d very much like to see some development of this script.
>It suits a need I have down to the ground,
>there are a few quirks and idiosyncrasies (some already
>documented on the recipe page) that would make it really fit properly in pmwiki.
> thanks in advance

Well, I can't make any promises, because I had to bend a
few edges to make subpages more or less fit into pmwiki's
world-view. However, if you put the problems you have
referenced on the Cookbook.SubgroupMarkup page, plus any
others you have found, into priority order, I'll see what  
I can do about tackling them one at a time.

>From the look of it, most of the problems arise from PmWiki
features added since I wrote the script.

In general, I fix easy things first, which may not be what's
important, but it's useful to know what's important, so I
don't waste time trying to fix hard but unimportant things.
I would like to fix the security problem noted below too.
It occurred to me that -Draft markup may well be using a
technique we can borrow. Presumably, if PageX has an edit
password, then PageX-Draft will inherit it.

>2008/7/18 John Rankin <john.rankin at affinity.co.nz>
>>Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 03:45:30 +0200
>>From: <vincent at vizway.se>
>>Subject: [pmwiki-users] subpages.php corruted!
>>Hi, I want to try out subpages and dowloaded subpages.php at
>>but the file is corrupted and there is no e-mail to John Rankin.
>>Is there some one who can repair it?
> I have uploaded the current version again. It looked to me as if
> the file was a Microsoft Word document, masquerading as a php
> script. Has this happened to any other uploads?
> I;ll have to remind myself what new features are in the latest
> version and update the documentation. However, let me point out
> a couple of things:
> - a case can be made that one uses subpages (or subgroups) only
>  as a last resort, when all other design approaches have proved
>  unable to meet the need -- when you need them, they are
>  essential; unless they are essential, they add unnecessary
>  complexity (just my opinion, YMMV)
> - there is one feature the recipe should have, but I can;t
>  figure out how to add it -- if Group.PageX has an edit
>  password set, then Group.PageX,SubpageA should inherit
>  the password, in the same way that pages in Group inherit
>  any Group password settings; unfortunately, a page-level
>  password applies only to the page and not its subpages
>  (it must be possible to fix this, but I can;t see how)
> I;d be interested in feedback on whether the subpages recipe
> is useful and should be developed further.
> JR
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