[pmwiki-users] automatic page titles

Alessandro Orsi alessors at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 12:39:40 CDT 2008


I work as a translator and I want to use a wiki to store my personal
glossary entries: one page in the wiki = one word/expression. Before I
used Tiddlywiki but it doesn't scale well because all the pages are
store in a single html file. I also tried Moinmoin, but installation
and configuration are a bit painful and Python, for me, is quite hard
to decipher. Some days ago I found pmwiki, and I'm really impressed by
its ease of use and configuration, so now I'm checking if it can suit
my needs,

As I work with Spanish, Italian and English, I have to deal with
accented letters and apostrophes, so I enabled unicode support in my
config.php: include_once($FarmD.'/scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php');

The "problem" I have with the default behaviour, is that pmwiki
displays the page name if a page title isn't specified.

I have to enter expressions like:

cañón (accented words)
una matita rossa (expressions with spaces)
l'aquila (apostrophes)

While things work well for accented words, expressions with spaces and
apostrophes are rendered like this:


And, of course, the first letter of each word is capitalized:

cañón => Cañón

Even if the search function works correctly (I search for "l'aquila"
and it finds the page "Laquila"), sometimes I want to scroll through
the list of words and read what's in the glossary using the directive
(:pagelist:) which, by default, list page names.

I was about to give up and look for another wiki when I discovered the
(:title:) directive; that would solve my problems, the page name can
be "Laquila" but the page title would display "l'aquila" and I can set
(:pagelist:) to list pages by title.

So, what's my question? Well, I would like (:title  title with spaces
and apostrophes and anything else I could fancy:)  to be automatically
added when I create a new page, better if from a page template, so I
don't have to type the expression two times or copy paste.

Now I have to:

1. create the link in a page:


2. Click. Page "Laquila" is created, then add:

(:title l'aquila:)

I would like to skip point two. Is there any variable that stores
"l'aquila" before it is converted to "Laquila" that I can use in a
page template or somewhere else to automate the process?

I know it can probably be done through a form, and I had a look at the
recipe NewPageBoxPlus, but I'd like it to work also from free links (I
don't use WikiWords).

I also had a look at the recipe AlternateNamingScheme to make page
names a bit more readable, and I was wondering whether leaving
apostrophes in page names would break something. In Moinmoin, for
example, spaces are converted to underscores but apostrophes are left

l'albero di natale => l'albero_di_natale

l'albero di natale => LalberoDiNatale

Thanks, and sorry for the long post,

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