[pmwiki-users] Blocklist

Eric Sinet eric.sinet at ac-reims.fr
Sat Dec 20 05:23:50 CST 2008

I'm french and gonna try to explain my problem.
I want to use a blocklist page and automatically download new version ...
In my config.php file, i wrote:
$EnableBlocklist = 10;
$BlocklistPages = "SiteAdmin.ListeDeBlocage";
if ($action=='edit') include_once('scripts/blocklist.php');

I leave blocklist.php in script because there's an error (white page in
?action=edit) if i put it in cookbook ...

I just modified the refresh time in blocklist php (86400 -> 300) to see if
something happen ...
I also created two pages: SiteAdmin.Blocklist-MoinMaster and

I go to my pmwiki, i edit few pages ... but nothin is downloading ...
Can you help me or tell me a beginner description somewhere on  the net?
Thank you
E Sinet
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