[pmwiki-users] Fox / Shoutbox

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Mon Dec 1 16:14:13 CST 2008

Hello list,

Just FYI, I have implemented the Fox / Shoutbox alternative (*) in a 
Category.GroupFooter, ... so users can comment the categories, ...
It is somewhere a mini forum-like solution, ...
The root page contains an include with the main Shoutbox page, .. (the 
Category I consider the main one)
Let's see how it works, ...


(*) original script http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/FoxShoutboxAlternative

(:include ShoutBox.{*$Name} lines=20:)

%right% [[ShoutBox.{*$Name} | See more]]

(:if ! equal {$AuthId} "":)
(:fox shoutbox put=top target=ShoutBox.{*$Name} foxsuccess='Posted 
succesfully !':)\
(:foxcheck shout regex='\w' msg='No sensible input':)\
(:input hidden author value='{$AuthId}' :) \
(:input hidden csum value='posted shoutbox message':)\
(:input text class=shoutbox shout size=52:)\
(:input submit post Submit:)
(:foxtemplate "'''[[{$PageAuthId}|{$AuthId}]]''': {$$shout} - [-''{(ftime 
fmt="%d/%m %H:%M")}''-] [[<<]]":)
(:foxend shoutbox:)
'-%red%(:foxmessage shoutbox list=check:)%%-'
'-%green%(:foxmessage shoutbox list=nocheck:)%%-' 

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