[pmwiki-users] proposed markup for rowspan in simple tables

john.rankin at affinity.co.nz john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Aug 24 02:53:33 CDT 2008

>From time to time, I have needed to include a rowspan in a table.
While this can be done in (:table:) markup with (:cell rowspan=n:)
(n is the number of rows spanned), in simple tables (|| markup),
one can colspan but not rowspan.

In the same way that || denotes columnspan, I propose using
the = character to denote rowspan:

||cell text ||==spanning text ||
||text ||
||aaaa ||bbbb ||

To centre or right align the spanning row, put = after the space:
|| ==spanning text ||

I have tested this with a local customisation:

## rowspan in simple tables
Markup('||==', '>^||', '/(<t[dh][^>]*)>\s*(==+)/e',
  "PSS('$1').' rowspan=\"'.strlen('$2').'\">'");

Anyone have any thoughts on:
- the desirability of a rowspan capability
- the proposed markup
- whether it should be in the core


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