[pmwiki-users] Use Blogcal as a 'navigator'

Steve Glover steve.glover at ed.ac.uk
Tue Aug 19 03:23:00 CDT 2008

StXphane Heckel wrote:
> One more question, ...
> Would it it be possible to use Blogcal as a 'navigator' ?
> ie : If I click on a date, I would display all related entries (events) 
> matching yyyy-mm-dd* (I could have multiple events per day)
> ie : If I click on the month, I would display all events matching yyyy-mm-*, 
> .... etc

I don't know blogcal, but you can do it with Balus' Blog:

http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/BalusBlog (scroll down to "Archives")

And as it uses pagelist, it should be easy to use with other 

You can also use mod_rewrite to get URLs like:


> The missing part would be to display all the events per week, ...

That would indeed be the tricky bit!


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