[pmwiki-users] Major revision to ZAP (based on PVT, replace)...

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Mon Mar 12 14:14:47 CDT 2007

Dan wrote,
> 2) Eliminate (:zapdata:) and require admins to use fully specified text vars
> Any comments or thoughts on this proposed change?

I'm still just getting started with ZAP, but it seems to me it's very 
handy to have a simple markup that pulls a whole page's text variables 
into the local context.  Some of the forms I'll be working on for an 
upcoming project have 30 or more fields.  Since the forms will be in the 
groupheader, your change will only involve changing the variable markup 
from {$var} to {*$:var} (which is bad enough...  I'm not dyslexic, but 
I'm sympathetic to those who are).  But if I were doing the form as a 
standalone page, it would be {${$Group}.{$Name}:var} for each of 30 
variables... that is a lot of extra typing.

Could the (:zapdata:) markup and associated function be spun off into a 
separate recipe?  That would ease the upgrade process for ZAP users and 
make page-text variables more usable to non-ZAP users as well.  --Ben

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