[pmwiki-users] What can be done with Microsoft word and outlook?

Gordon, Andrew Andrew.Gordon at unisys.com
Sun Mar 4 09:43:46 CST 2007



I am curious to understand all the can be currently performed with
respect to interfacing with Microsoft word and outlook.


I do see a couple of word to wiki and excel to wiki cookbook recipes but
am interested in scenarios going in the opposite direction such as being
able to: 


1)       Generate a word document or any editable document from a wiki
page and have it stored on the users machine or routed to a destination
via email. 

2)       Schedule a meeting with participants (to their outlook) from a
wiki page. 


Other ideas with Microsoft technology are welcome. 


Thank you.


Best regards




Andrew Gordon

Director Open Source Solutions - Federal

CTO Office Federal 

703-439-5491 (Office) 


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