[pmwiki-users] TotalCounter feature requests and some little changes

Martin Spindler spindler at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Wed Jun 27 05:07:00 CDT 2007

Hi Blues and list,

I just downloaded the totalcounter_1_8a.php and it's great.

Anyway, I did some small changes:

* added $TotalCounterGuests -> replace of 'Guest (not authenticated)'
* added $TotalCounter['GuestCount'] -> count non authenticated guests 
(IPs are used)
* added $TotalCounterBlackList['IPs'] which REALLY blocks ALL counters 
for that address
* added $TotalCounter['IPs'][$tc_ip] counter and according html output 
(for action=totalcounter)

@blues: could you add the php script to the recipe page (as version 
totalcounter_1_8b.php)? My changes are marked with "#martin"

I also do have some feature requests:

(1) adding a $TotalCounterWhiteList
(2) daily, monthly statistic (with extra files, e.g. 
(3) Could you please replace all tabs with spaces in the 

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