[pmwiki-users] Cluster: Cascading-Inherit GroupAttribute Passwords

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Wed Jun 27 00:19:07 CDT 2007

I'm using Cluster. And just getting into access control over groups using
PMwiki native password system only (no AuthUser)

Doing a little testing to get my feet wet:

I set group attributes for

HTDE.HTDE  (home page and top-matriarch of this cluster)

and if I quit Firefox and come back in I will be forced to enter
a password to go to this home page.

But, if I quit fire fox and come back in

I can go directly to:

HTDE-MediaViewer.HTDE-MediaViewer  and I am not required to login
with the read password.

thus it would appear that the Child groups are not inheriting
the password entered for the cluster's matriarch group.

Am I doing something wrong? Or does this recipe only
work with AuthUser (which I was avoiding for now)


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