[pmwiki-users] banner ad

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Sun Jun 24 22:48:06 CDT 2007

Dr Fred C wrote:
> Assuming you want a banner that changes banners when ever the page is 
> accessed, use the randomselection recipe, only use a linked graphic 
> instead of text in the banner page.  There's a description at the 
> randomselection recipe page.
>     * The banners go in your banner page, which has each banner is
>       separated by an anchor. 
>     * Put the appropriate randomselection code at the bottom of the home
>       page (or any other page you want to put the banner on) instead of
>       using the groupfooter page.  Groupfooter puts the banner at the
>       bottom of every page in the group, but you don't seem to want that.
>     * Randomselection refers to the banner page and randomly puts one of
>       the banners in the home page each time it is called up. 

I have a sample at http://www.ntlug.org

Access using the ntlug-ads skin.

(the ads are fake/funny ones)

If that looks interesting let me know and I'll see about
posting the skin and template.

You can see all of the ads here:

In this case, the ads are simple graphics... which might not
be what you want in all cases.  But if the banner can be
wiki-ized, then it will work just fine.

> Marguerite Floyd wrote:
>> If I want to do an individual non-Google banner ad, where do I put the
>> HTML?  And I'd only want it on the home page, NOT repeated throughout
>> the site.
>> I couldn't find a recipe for this, or if I did I didn't know what it was.
>> Thanks.

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