[pmwiki-users] Custom Page lists

Mike Shanley thebarmy at omniversalism.com
Tue Jul 24 22:21:55 CDT 2007

Sivakatirswami wrote:
> OK that works... (though page list protect "died" but
> that's a different problem I posted in a new thread...)
> Now, how can i block reading PmWiki/DocumentationIndex?
> except for those with certain passwords... if we create
> PmWiki/GroupAttributes?action=attr
> and set read passwords there...
> will this be lost on upgrades?
As I understand it, PmWiki checks /wiki.d/ before /wikilib.d/, so if 
your PmWiki.GroupAttributes page is in /wiki.d/ (which it will be by 
default), then it WILL NOT be lost on upgrades.

Also, judging by your new post, you're using a farm. I recommend 
emptying out the HomeWiki/wiki.d/ and /wikilib.d/. Just copy the files 
you want in your farm wikis TO FarmWiki/wiki.d/. This way, you know that 
you're always working with the right files and you won't get any strange 
surprises in the future. I mean, even if you copied the PmWiki 
documentation 10 times, it still isn't going to take up much room...


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