[pmwiki-users] detecting minor edit

sgp acs322000 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 13 11:50:39 CST 2007

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> If you want to verify
> that it's executing when saving, try adding:
>     $EnableRedirect = 0;

Bingo! Thanks, I got it under my belt now.

> Oh.  Pagelists don't use RecentChangesFmt at all (at least
> not directly), so this isn't really proving what you think it's
> proving.

Ah. Ok, got it.

> So, what you really want to use for your (:pagelist:)
> command is (all one line):
>     (:pagelist trail=News.RecentChanges 
>        name=-News,-*Sandbox*,-*SideBar*,-*RightBar* list=normal
>        count=20 fmt=simple:)
> This says to obtain the list of pages to display from
> the News.RecentChanges trail, and use the order they appear
> in that trail.  And with the local/config.php lines you have,
> News.RecentChanges won't be updated on a minor edit.

Yes, but the name filter doesn't seem to be applied at all,
I need to filter out News.News, News.Feed, etc.

Incidentally, Patrick your responsiveness and knowledge is
truly impressive. Thank you so much!


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