[pmwiki-users] divs around markups in skin.tml

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Sun Aug 19 13:59:11 CDT 2007

Patrick R. Michaud schrieb:
> On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 08:34:58PM +0200, noskule wrote:
>> hi list/pm
>> I noticed that pmwiki generates divs around markups in skin.tmpl
>> <!--markup:(:if auth edit
>> SkinSection.LeftBar:)[[SkinSection.LeftBar?action=edit|{$FarmPubDirUrl}/skins/netstreams/img/edit-right.gif"$[Edit
>> default] LeftBar"]](:ifend:)-->
>> <div><a class='wikilink'
>> href='http://netstreams.org/devel/cms/index.php/SkinSection/LeftBar?action=edit'><img
>> src='http://netstreams.org/devel/cms/pub/skins/netstreams/img/edit-right.gif'
>> alt='Bearbeite Standard LeftBar' title='Bearbeite Standard LeftBar'
>> /></a></div>
> AFAIK PmWiki doesn't generate <divs> around things generated
> with <!--markup:...-->, although it does sometimes generate <p>
> tags.  Perhaps your system has a customization that is changing
> <p> to <div> or something similar?
> Pm
hm, on a clean installation there are <p> instead of div's I didn't do a
"p to div" customization knowingly. Do you have an ide how such a
customization looks like, or which extensions this maybe produce?

And is it possible to suppress the p tag?

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