[pmwiki-users] Help! :-( Form Data Being Posted 2-3 times

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Mon Aug 13 00:34:42 CDT 2007

Ben Stallings wrote:

> You know, actually what it reminds me of is what happens when you use 
> ZAP's login snippet as a replacement for AuthUser's login page.  For 
> some reason, the first page you view after logging in doesn't get the 
> proverbial memo: ZAP reports that you're logged in, but all the 
> conditionals -- (:if authid foo:), etc. -- indicate that you're not, 
> presumably because ZAP is doing its thing after the conditionals are 
> already evaluated.  Using a (:zap nextpage:) fixes the problem.  So I 
> wonder if maybe you should try using a (:zap nextpage="{*$FullName}":) 
> (even though in my last message I thought that was the problem) and see 
> if that fixes what otherwise looks like a caching issue.
> Of course that wouldn't address the problems you're having with "Save 
> and Edit."  That really does sound like a PmWiki problem.  But the way 
> to be sure would be to turn off ZAP and see if the "Save and Edit" 
> problem persists.

None of this helped. I moved the form off the Site.AllGroupFooter
--in case that location as an include would be an issue--
onto it's own page... but ZAP is still running the Submit twice
in a row....

> Just a thought: when you upgraded, did you use Subversion, or did you 
> download a fresh install and copy all the files manually?

I always install a fresh copy, and move cook book files etc. it only take
a minute..

> Best of luck.  --Ben

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