[pmwiki-users] watchlist glitch

JB jbit at ev1.net
Fri Sep 29 02:42:52 CDT 2006

Was looking at a watchlist at url 


defined at url 


and decided to try my own.  I found that when someone 
types a "<" (or perhaps any not simple kind of character) 
into the Summary box when they edit to make changes to a 
page it will goof up the display of the watchlist.  On 
one page I had edited I put a summary line of 

  "fix bug where <td> and <tr> tags get crossed"

What happened when I tried to display the watchlist via 

  (:pagelist trail=Profiles.JB-WatchList fmt=JB-WatchList#simplelist

the list was normal right before the "<", then it stopped 
at the bottom of the screen and started again at the top 
of the screen listing several items and goofing up the 
display.  (I went and edited the page and got rid of the 
"<" and other risky characters so you cannot see this glitch
using my pagelist.)

Can someone fix this?

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