[pmwiki-users] FASTData change request

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Wed Sep 27 17:26:26 CDT 2006

On Sep 27, 2006, at 5:42 PM, The Editor wrote:

> Not sure exactly what happened, (I'm not even sure I understand what
> your hack did!)  but you might try doing a search for some string in
> the data to see if the data was saved on another page.  By default the
> info is saved on Data-Group.Name relative to the page with the form.
> Since that's based on the pagename which you changed, the datapage
> will have also changed.

I actually figured out the problem....

I had to ALSO change the POST var for datapage.  That worked... with  
maybe another nudge or two.  It's live, it works.

My hack takes $_POST['simile'], splits it on linebreaks, then creates  
a new page for each sentence in the resulting array (skipping empty  

Then it attempts to use FASTData to create the new pages & data pages  
for all that info -- but it has to pass over FASTData for every page,  
which is why I asked for you to create a flag to stop your function  
(Data) from stopping the program execution.

> To retrieve the info, you will want to make sure you set the data read
> directive to the right page--minus "Data-":
> (:data Group.Name:)

Yeah -- it was pointing at the right page, but the data was all being  
written to the wrong (single) page.

> Also the lines with the asterisk: {*$Work} won't work if they are
> retrieved using (:data:), as it's a completely different system from
> the new text variables.  So that might be a problem too.  Do you have
> a page I could look at?
It works right now... and I have the (:data:) and  {*$Work} set up in  
the GroupHeader.

It's on a live site, but page edits are passworded.  Otherwise I've  
been working on a development server not accessible from the net.  I  
got it working, and once PM has the pagelists sorted out I would love  
to share what I've done.  With details :)


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