[pmwiki-users] FASTData change request

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 27 16:42:23 CDT 2006

On 9/27/06, Eclectic Tech, LLC Info <info at eclectictech.net> wrote:
> Hrm, my hack created pages in the wiki, but didn't save data to the
> Data-Simile group.....
> Any clues?  I started trying to debug with *$ variables, but that's not the
> problem.  It didn't save the datapages for each page I tried to have it
> save; I can tell by looking at wiki.d.
> I know I may need to make tweaks because of the pagelist variable issues.

Not sure exactly what happened, (I'm not even sure I understand what
your hack did!)  but you might try doing a search for some string in
the data to see if the data was saved on another page.  By default the
info is saved on Data-Group.Name relative to the page with the form.
Since that's based on the pagename which you changed, the datapage
will have also changed.

To retrieve the info, you will want to make sure you set the data read
directive to the right page--minus "Data-":

(:data Group.Name:)

Also the lines with the asterisk: {*$Work} won't work if they are
retrieved using (:data:), as it's a completely different system from
the new text variables.  So that might be a problem too.  Do you have
a page I could look at?


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