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IchBin weconsul at ptd.net
Wed Sep 27 15:09:17 CDT 2006

Sandy wrote:
>> I just added link for the PEAR site. I really enjoy using their 
>> packages. A real PHP learning experience. If not using this or that 
>> package. At least at the bare minimum I look at their code for coding 
>> techniques.
> We really don't need to tell the entire list every time something gets 
> added. I suspect they'll peek in on it from time to time.
> I replied to Américo to gently point out that when he created the 
> TopTenSites page he should have created a link from the Wanted page (or 
> any other page) to the new page, and to show him I appreciated him 
> getting the ball rolling.
> Sandy
Sorry, done deal.

Thanks in Advance...
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