[pmwiki-users] RFC: Ratings Redux

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 27 09:35:23 CDT 2006

Just a few general thoughts on the rating system.

1) I like the five point scale.  As Ben mentioned the problem is how
many axis and which ones?  It might be easy to set up several and have
them all listed at the top of the recipe in a little table.  I would
suggest one axis be "support", which might allow us to identify
recipes that are no longer being supported.  If you ask a question of
a recipe author, there's no or a slow answer, you give a lower rating.
I also gravitated toward's hans recipes because he provided such quick
response everytime I had a question. If there were a way to pagelist
recipes with support below a certain level, it might be useful in
indicating which recipes are up for adoption...  In general though,
the fewer axis, the simpler.

2) I also like Ben's popularity suggestion. I understood him to
suggest some kind of group be established which would include a list
of recipes we use as individuals, with page names keyed to our
username.  Like FavoriteRecipes.Caveman.  With pagelistextensions
there's a way to return how many pages are in a group with a given
string.  Using this you could put on each recipe page a number
representing how many admins use a given recipe.  Kind of like a
trail.  This would tend to give active community members, who know
enough about how to set up their FavoriteRecipes page a bit more

The other option of course is to set up some kind of counter to log
actual downloads.  That might be simpler--but I've downloaded several
recipes I didn't like or no longer use because I found a better way.
And I never download FAST Data.  Though I upload it all the time.  :)

3) If we show each individual rating (like pits does) we could perhaps
make each number link to an associated comment. So if you're not sure
why someone gave it a 1, click the number and read their comment.
Perhaps with the possibility of adding comments to comments (author's
responses?) .  Or click a link to show all the comments, with the
score they give automatically supplied in the comment.  If the new
commenting features won't do this, FAST Data can easily.  :)


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