[pmwiki-users] Split screen feature?

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Tue Sep 26 16:32:15 CDT 2006

Donald Z. Osborn schrieb:
> Maybe its just that they were often being used for the 
> wrong purposes (like to set up a sidebar)?

It's really a browser issue. If browsers showed the URLs of all the 
frames (possibly in an abbreviated form), and saved the entire frameset 
in bookmarks instead of just the main frameset-defining page, framesets 
would be easy to use.

> Also since an increasing number of users will be in Africa with often older
> systems, I'm concerned about usability. Of course one can have noframes
> option, but if there were sth better than frames (with options) then that
> would be if interest.

You can use CSS to generate scrollbars. (Might become an option with 
newer IE browsers.)
An alternative is iframes - browsers tend to carp about them, but only 
if the included frame is from a different domain than the outside area.

> The main thing is to facilitate simultaneous views of two pages from the
> wiki for comparison, navigation and editing.

For comparison, you'll probably end up with a table. Correlating two 
similar pages using scroll bars isn't fun, it's far better to have the 
software pair up the correlated chunks of text for you.

Navigation and editing are indeed cases for separately scrollable areas.

> It would be nice if one could
> move the bar of a frame separating 2 frames to get a larger view of one
> frame at the expense of another.

I know of no technique for that, except framesets.


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