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Would there be any harm in opening up a new group? Perhaps another way
of asking the question is: what is the benefit in opening up a new
group? The latter question is more conservative as there should be a
compelling benefit to justify, whereas the first question assumes it
should be done absent a compelling reason _not_ to. I think the PmWiki
Philosophy follows the conservative "what is the benefit" approach.
So, I provide reasons why it may be beneficial to create a new group.

Cookbook seems to be increasingly used by module authors (such as
myself). Perhaps a "TipsAndTricks" group could be used to sort modules
and configuration tricks? That is, all solutions which essentially
only require a configuration change, such as one-liners and variable
settings, are put in one group. All solutions requiring an add-on
script is put in another group.

A rational for this bifurcation could be that scripted modules are
placed in the /cookbook directory. So, keeping those in the Cookbook
group is somewhat intuitive. Putting the configuration tips and tricks
in a separate group indicates there is no need to download any script.

We can use pagelists on categories to provide a unified list while
simultaneously showing, by grouping, which solutions are
configuration-based and which may require a little more fortitude.


On 9/26/06, Crisses <crisses at kinhost.org> wrote:
> On Sep 26, 2006, at 10:08 AM, The Editor wrote:
> We need a simple solution that will
> get done.
> This is where I agree about a free-format magazine.  I don't know about
> anyone else, but I have a billion things (including writing more recipes)
> tugging at me, and committing to a hard-and-fast deadline would be something
> I simply wouldn't commit to.  I want to write, but it would be irresponsible
> of me to commit to writing something by a certain time.
> I don't mind going "Hey, we have enough to create an issue" every now and
> then, bundling a bunch of articles together, calling it a "magazine" and
> PDFing it as an optional download, however.
> Crisses
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