[pmwiki-users] Tracking

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Tue Sep 26 04:34:53 CDT 2006

Mark Trumpold schrieb:
> 1. How do I track traffic to my wiki that is hosted on my website

That's the web server's task. Simply have it count the traffic from/to 
http://your.hostname.here/path/to/pmwiki .

> 2. How do I set it up to track IP addreses of editors

I'm somewhat fuzzy about the details, but IIRC it's already logged but 
not displayed, and there's a way to see the data. Try searching for 
RecentChanges in the PmWiki docs, IIRC it's a feature of that mechanism.

> 3. How do I put a discussion page for the editors before they make major
> edits

Most of this works by convention. I.e. on pmwiki.org, we've had 
instances where people set up a Foo-Discuss page when there was 
substantial refactoring for Foo underway. Those Discuss pages are 
regularly taken down again once the original page is updated though.

(In general, if you have a group of people with real-life social 
influences, you don't need the software to enforce rules. Plus, the 
downside of software-enforced rules is that they typically are far too 
rigid and make working with it far less fun.)

> PS I hope that pmwiki will live on and not just stop like some of the
> others!!!

Even if development stopped, the existing software would continue to run 
just fine. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that is 
really lacking in PmWiki, though there's always a lot of things that 
could be done.
That said, unless PM gets run over by a bus, I don't think he'll stop 
development anytime soon. He has carried the project through at least 
one major rewrite, and has been providing a steady stream of incremental 
updates over the past years. There's currently no sign that this would 
That said, there's still a grain of salt: PmWiki's core is organized 
around a single-person development model. Should PM drop out tomorrow, 
the PmWiki core would have no clear model for continued development.
Note that this isn't as bad as it may sound. First, PmWiki is GPL, so 
there's always a chance that a capable person takes over. Second, this 
would affect only the core; recipe development would still be done by 
the community, and you can do almost anything with a recipe in PmWiki.


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