[pmwiki-users] AddDeleteLine version 2.0beta2

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sun Sep 24 08:42:40 CDT 2006

Martin Fick wrote:
> --- Nils Knappmeier <nk at knappi.org> wrote:
>> And I'd like to discuss methods on how to handle
>> arrays (multiple checkboxes of textfields with 
>> the same name), before taking code for this into
>> the recipe. I can see no way that is easily 
>> implemented or understood and I'd like to have
>> something easy.
> Sure,  I sent you a copy of a solution in another
> thread labeled "2.0beta6" by accident (sorry, a reply
> to your offlist message).  I think it is rather easy,
> if you don't think so, maybe an example would help:
> http://www.theficks.name/test/adddeleteline/pmwiki.php?n=Form.1
> Feel free to muck with it, it is a test wiki just for
> this,


I tried the example on your site.  Adding links to another page using 
checkboxes worked fine, but then when I tried to delete a single item 
using the delete button, all the items on the page were deleted.


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